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Protecting Maurice A. Ferré Park from Commercial Development

Sam Dubbin successfully represented the Friends of Maurice A. Ferré Park, LLC (“Friends”), in defeating a Request for Proposals (FRP) by the Bayfront Park Management Trust proposing to solicit bids for commercial development in the Maurice A. Ferré Park and FEC Water Slip, in April 2019, and supporting passage of a resolution prohibiting future commercial development in the park. The Park, formerly known as Bicentennial Park and Museum Park, was renamed in honor of Mayor Ferré in January 2019. Mr. Dubbin and the Friends group worked with a broad coalition of residents, civic leaders, and institutions who opposed further development in the existing public open spaces Downtown, who appeared before the City Commission. Mr. Dubbin also submitted two letters detailing the reasons the RFP violated the City Charter, City Code, and State law.

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Letter from Friends of Maurice A. Ferre Park — April 8, 2019

Supplemental Letter re MAF Park — April 11, 2019